Uxmal sunrise’s secrets with David
Uxmal sunrise’s secrets with David
Uxmal sunrise’s secrets with David
Uxmal sunrise’s secrets with David

Uxmal sunrise’s secrets with David

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The host : I am David, I’m leaving in the Yucatan peninsula since forever ! I really enjoyed this region and when I quite my job a few year ago I wanted to do something who could provide happiness to people and a also a nice way to share all the yucatan’s secrets that I know about. I’m leaving now by the ocean in Progresso, near Merida.


The experience : Leaving Merida, we leave when it is still dark in the direction of the famous ruins of Uxmal. We will discover them in a unique way, one of my friends guide for years, will reveal you the secrets of the Mayan City who lived here. 

We will witness a sunrise over the Ruins and the Major Pyramid, a sunrise you will remember all your life. We will have the temple practically "for us" during this magical moment.

Uxmal was the economic and political center of a vast region from which shone the Puuc architectural style. The word "Puuc" refers to the chain of hills (called Sierrita de Ticul) that runs from east to west on the Yucatan Peninsula. Other cities such as Kabah, Sayil, Xlapak, and Labná developed there, forming what is now called "ruta Puuc". Hot and arid, this region suffers from the almost total absence of water, which explains the particular worship that is reserved here in Chaac, the god of water.

We will then go to the Chocolate Museum, cocoa has had a very important place among the Mayans. Then we will attend a Mayan ceremony and a blessing before bathing in the cenote Yaal Utzil.

We will have lunch in a beautiful Mexican hacienda before returning to Merida.


Included in the price : price for 2 person

- Entry to uxmal
- Certified guide.
- Entry to choco story museum
- Mayan ceremony and mayan blessing
- Entry to cenote yaal utzil. - Entry to cenote yaal utzil.
- Lunch at Hacienda ochil.