Green Maya Ceremony with Jorge

Green Maya Ceremony with Jorge

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The experience : Ceremonies have been performed since the beginning of human life, for many reasons, through many faiths, and across the planet. We invite you to take a special journey with Green Maya. Our ceremonies combine Maya culture, wisdom from grandfathers of different tribes, and traditions passed down through many generations.

Celebrate your special events like birthdays, weddings, reunions, and even deaths with a private ceremony. We also host ceremonies for retreats and group gatherings. The ceremony will be completely personalized and include a reflective alter. The altar is an important component of any ceremony, it holds the offerings, the gifts and the intentions of the ceremony. During the ceremony we will share, receive and connect with nature, ourselves and our loved ones. The experience can also have purification and healing properties. Our ceremonies are led by an experienced Maya spirit guide. (Be weary of those who claim the title of Shaman, in order to become a Shaman, one must put in many years as a practicing spirit guide.) Allow us to make your special event one that will last a lifetime. 



The Host : My name is Jorge. I was born in Chiapas, Mexico. My love for the natural world and Mayan culture was passed down from my parents. My family lived primarily from the land. They did not have access to a grocery store so they grew their own food, made their own medicines and lived in harmony with the natural world. My love for birds became apparent the day I tried to sneak a baby duck home from the market in my coat. Everything was fine until…. well ummm ducks go “quack quack”! My parents made me return the duck and learn the fine lesson of integrity.

Coming of age, feeling the pull of adventure I knew it was time to leave the nest. In 1996, I set off to discover to the Yucatan Peninsula. Eventually finding my way to Quintana Roo, which later proved to be a time of great spiritual, personal and professional growth. I became active in Maya communities as a voice for those without and studied Maya traditions under the village grandfathers. I have made many friends along the way. These friendships have played a major role in the opportunities that have crossed my path.

I am an artist, an educator and a father of two. Also talented photographer, who has a way of exquisitely capturing wildlife in their natural habitats. Adorned in ceremonial jewelry and barefoot most of the time. 20+ years of experience as a nature and wildlife guide. First Aid certified with Red Cross.