Diving in a cenote, explore Xibalba the mayan underworld with Gabriel

Diving in a cenote, explore Xibalba the mayan underworld with Gabriel

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The experience : We are going to discover the secrets of another world. A sacred world for the Mayas, the world of the underworld they call Xibalba.

The cenotes are the result of a geological formation unique in the world dating back millions of years when an asteroid struck the Earth. The violent impact created subterranean cavities. Over the years, acid rain dissolved the limestone and enlarged the cavities. Stalagmites and stalactites have formed, at the rate of one centimeter every hundred years... In the Yucatán, cenotes are the only freshwater reserves, (the origin of the word comes from elsewhere dzonot meaning "water hole" in Maya). The presence of cenotes therefore dictated the location of Maya civilizations. In their beliefs, the cenote was considered as a door to the underworld, the domain of the dead. Sacred place, sacrifices were taking place there. The Yucatán peninsula has more than 10,000 of different sizes and types.

We will dive together in two different cenotes, the depth will be the same, but what you will see will not leave you indifferent. The underground world of cenotes is incredible and many Mayan treasures have been discovered there.

Are you ready for this extraordinary experience ? You'll be diving only with the instructor. You're going to shallow 40 meters deep. 

Certification : Open water.

What's include in the price : The full equipment, entrance of the cenote, lunch in a local restaurant - the experience is a full day. The price is per person, it's 1 to 4 person.


The host : I am Gabriel, I am a dive master for 15 years. 

I have been diving since the age of 13, so it's been 27 years of diving! I’m in love with sea and the marine life, I decide to live in Playa in 1995 to be closer to the sea and to my favorites diving spot – the coral reef which is the 2nd bigest in the world !

I’m very passionate and I would like to give you the best experience in the best conditions – one to one