An ancient maya massage : Sobada Maya with Lieke

An ancient maya massage : Sobada Maya with Lieke

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The hostMy name is Lieke, I'm holistic therapist working with ancient maya knowledge to help people to reconnect with themselves.

The experience : Wisdom from the Mayan ancestors this traditional healing technique is called ‘El Cirro’. It centers and (re)accommodates your intestines and abdominal organs to its proper position. It aligns your energetic center by establishing and facilitating the prana flow around your bellybutton. Especially recommendable to receive this massage by bladder prolapse, stomage problems, low matrix, pain in ovary and prostate or postpartum.

Number of person : 1

Against indications

  • During menstruation
  • Pregnancy
  • Large cysts and fibroids in ovaries/ womb
  • Dispositive