Do you want to promote your activity by offering immersive experiences ? Our team develops the technology app and produces the audiovisual contents that are adapted to your needs.

In front of a growing competition intensity and of your potential clients level of requirements, one thing is clear when it comes to communication and marketing. Thinking “outside the box” is the way to differentiate on the market. We create immersive experiences mixing films, projections, mappings and virtual, augmented or mixed reality.

For SESAR Joint Undertaking, we created three event products aimed at explaining and promoting its impact in the european air traffic management. To mark the Paris Air Show, we produced a 3D reality tool that allows you to be in charge of air traffic control of a busy airport. This experience was a great success and engaged with the audience at SESAR events from Brussels to Singapore, being displayed at airshows, industry fairs and conferences.

As part of the U-Space campaign, we took on the production of the augmented reality table. Its use ? At a glance, it may look like a simple map, but on a tablet screen it turns into a vibrant, 3-dimensional city, showcasing various drones, their trajectories and missions to be completed. The table structure can easily and safely travel to external events, where SESAR can demonstrate its vision of the integration of drone operations into an urban context.

To support the message of the augmented reality table, we produced a 3D video outlining a potential scenario of advanced U-Space functionalities.

For Copernicus, we developed an Edu-Experience in mixed reality (Microsoft Hololens) which goal was to show the link between Earth and space. It also explains what the program is and the benefits of its developments.

For Cleansky, we created an interactive App to promote the technologies developed by the program. The App was produced to visualize in a tangible way the CO2 emissions and noise footprint reductions that the CleanSky program allows. The experience is based by flight simulations displaying a 3D aircraft and a split-screen showing you the informations you request.